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Image shows the University of Edinburgh main library
University lecturer accused of biased marking
Image shows the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh
Duke of Edinburgh, former Chancellor of the University of Edinburgh, dies

The announcement was made with “deep sorrow” from Her Majesty the Queen about the passing of her “beloved husband” on Friday 9 April at midday.  An outpouring of condolences was seen following the news.  Boris Johnson, the prime minister, said Prince Phillip had “earned the affection of generations” and Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer mourned

black and white etched print of an allegory of Europa depicted as a woman sitting in the foreground. In the background crops and animals
Looking Back, Looking Forward Decolonising the Museum

The role of the museum in visualising the past and present cultural and national identities has a central place in the ever-resurfacing debate about the decolonialisation of cultural and artistic institutions. The urgency of this conversation re-emerged in the past year prompted by the Black Lives Matter movement and today it should still hold a

Image shows the University of Edinburgh's main library
Library services to broaden but ‘click and collect’ to end

The University of Edinburgh’s Library services are to be expanded in line with the easing of lockdown restrictions on Monday 26 April, however not all students are happy with the overall timing and the closure of ‘click and collect’ services. With Scotland set to revert to a tiered system of restrictions from Monday 26 May,

Scotland to move to Tier 3 restrictions on April 26

In Tuesday’s announcement, First Minister Nicola Sturgeon confirmed that Scotland will move down to Tier 3 restrictions on Monday 26 April.  This includes the reopening of all non-essential shops and hospitality venues, as well as a lift of travel restrictions within the UK. From next Monday, 6 people from up to 6 households will be

Edinburgh Festival Fringe to go ahead

On 13 April 2021 the Edinburgh International Festival announced that the celebrated Fringe festival will be returning this summer, although with a series of social distancing measures in place.  The Fringe society announced that productions can go ahead in outdoor pop-up venues to ensure spectators are able to simultaneously comply with Covid-19 safety regulations.  At

Image shows the University of Edinburgh main library
University lecturer accused of biased marking
The hysteria surrounding Prince Philip’s death makes the case for republicanism
The hysteria surrounding Prince Philip’s death makes the case for republicanism

As a religious Andrew Marr Show viewer, I was outraged to find as I tuned into Marr’s classic monologue last Sunday, that the show was effectively cancelled for the second week in a row. Yes, more than 48 hours after he died, the British mainstream media continued to forgo anything resembling real news coverage in

A plea for student journalism

This is a plea, from an outgoing Deputy EiC, to support student journalism. Now, more than perhaps any other time in recent years, the university needs to be held accountable. In the past year the university has failed to support student mental health, charged us full price for severely limited online learning, profited off student

Peter’s year of tribulations

Apparently our university’s chancellor is Princess Anne. She is supposed to be one of the more popular royals, if you’re into that sort of thing. She is also the 1971 British Sports Personality of the Year and the former president of Save the Children. Who would have known? After all, she is our chancellor only

A letter from your Editor-in-Chief
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Big fanfare, few meaningful actions
2021 Scottish Parliamentary candidate Bobbie Prince Bob
Exclusive interview with Bonnie Prince Bob – The indy outsider hoping to shake up the Holyrood establishment

In 1745, Charles Edward Stewart, best known as “Bonnie Prince Charlie”, led a Jacobite revolt to return the British throne to his father, James Francis Edward Stewart and ultimately bring independence back to Scotland. Almost 300 years later, an independent candidate lending his name to the romanticised historical figure is challenging to win the Edinburgh

Frustrated students anticipate new details on their year abroad

As the end of term approaches in Edinburgh, most students are harassing letting agents in search of the perfect flat for next year; their biggest worry is if pubs will be open when they return. For many 2nd years, however, there is an even bigger question mark hanging over the next year; where in the

To label or not to label- the case for animal welfare food labels

Did you know that in the UK, hen eggs are the only animal produce legally required to specify the animal welfare conditions on the food packaging? Or that the only meat which must declare country origin is beef? Or that an estimated 70% of UK farm animals are kept in intensive conditions? These facts matter

A woman laying down a wreath of flowers following the murder of Sarah Everard
Students sceptical there will be change in predatory behaviour
The three young people suing the UK government:Adetola Stephanie Onamade (23), Marina Tricks (20) and Jerry Amokwandoh (22)
“Fighting the Beast”: the young people suing the government over climate change
Winona Ryder smoking
Cult Column: Heathers

Cw: suicide. The overly sweetened portrayal of high school during the John Hughes era took a turn with the arrival of the cult classic, Heathers, in 1989, which turned typical teen comedy elements like teen angst into violence, bad boys into school shooters, and date nights into murders. Set in the desolate town of Sherwood,

Francis and The Godfather- Should Hollywood stop making films about itself?

Hollywood has a long history about making movies about itself and of the magic of cinema. We can look as far back as the first A Star is Born in 1937 to see how cinema has had an underlying interest in itself and the celebrities it creates. The fact that A Star is Born has

Palm Springs- Review

Rating- ⭐⭐⭐⭐ Extremely inventive, funny, cynical yet upbeat. The Good Place meets B99 meets Groundhog Day – romantic, sci-fi, vaguely philosophical, it just hits all the right notes *chefs kiss*. I hope this becomes a new genre because the world needs more films like this. Nyles (Andy Samberg) wakes up to relive the same Florida

Marvel produces real cinema
Concrete Cowboy- Review
Falling in love inside my flat

After spending a year locked up inside my student flat, my gaze has turned inward and I have started romanticising almost everything in sight. (Definitely not my flatmates though so sorry to disappoint if you thought this was going to be a juicy confession piece!) No, no, my new loves are all the lopsided items

Mind gardening: the solution to our shortened attention spans?

How often do you analyse your mind? Your chattering internal monologue is free to roam as it pleases through news stories, clothing catalogues, countless little worries….The freedom this voice inside your head is granted is obtuse and unhealthy, and meditation apps such as Headspace encourage us to slow down this manic alter-person and analyse its

Separating myself from ‘Lad Culture’

Cw: sexual harassment and assault. Tragedy, once we process the pain, can lead to profound realisations about the world around us. Both a personal loss, and that of Sarah Everard, illustrated to me that we only have a finite amount of time in life, so I now endeavour to engage with and appreciate my relatives

clothing is arranged to spell the text 'SECOND HAND'.
Five lockdown charity shop alternatives
Pink neon light with the words: "you're doing great"
The lonely pursuit of self-confidence
Women meeting online for a virtual conference during covid 19, six separate women with a pink background
Commission on the Status of Women: time to build back better

According to a recent YouGov/UN Women survey, only 3% of women aged 18-24 in the UK have never experienced sexual harassment. Of the other 97%, 45% didn’t report it, because they didn’t believe it would help change things. Almost 50% of young women reported having been physically followed. Globally, an adolescent girl dies every ten

How I am learning to set boundaries with my anxiety

CW: Anxiety, Stress Anxiety is experienced by different people across all walks of life and comes in many shapes and forms. I have experienced anxiety and depression almost my entire life, it started in early childhood and has followed me into adulthood. I worry about everything, even though worrying is normal, I realised it was getting

Let’s Talk about obituaries

Condensing 94 years of life into 500 words is a difficult task. But should it be impossible? My GG died two days ago. Everyone flew down to Texas and she passed away surrounded by family members. I should have been there, but I wasn’t, due to Covid-19 restrictions. While sitting in my Edinburgh flat, I

A street leading off from Edinburgh university, deserted and dark to show what it's like to walk at night - can be scary and comforting at the same time
Walking in the Dark
Ece Kucuk as a child, in the centre, with her family
I Am the Child of an Immigrant
Jofra Archer prepares to bat for England
The Survival of Cricket

“Test cricket is dead.” Those were the words of the ever-positive Michael Vaughan during an interview last week. While he holds a somewhat mixed reputation as a pundit, here Mr Vaughan is most certainly correct. This article is not titled “The Survival of Test Cricket”, as you will no doubt realise after checking the title

Series win marks dawn of Indian dominance

During the final session of day two in Ahmedabad, as Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant reverse paddled James Anderson for four, it felt like we were witnessing a watershed moment in the landscape of test cricket. The shot, so innovative, dispatched the bowler, so legendary – a perfect encapsulation of out with the old and in

Where did it all go wrong for Celtic?

The dream of ten in a row died precisely as it deserved to; an utterly miserable affair in which 27 shots on target returned zero goals, against newly-promoted opposition. If it goes ahead, defeat in the remaining Old Firm derby would leave Celtic trailing by a full 23 points, a margin not seen for a

Rangers complete long path back to the top
Scotland fight back to draw 2-2 with Austria
a set of scrabble tiles spelling "fake news"
Social media companies hold power to stop misinformation

“FAKE NEWS” has been shouted louder than almost anything else over the last few years. Coming to the forefront with the wild accusations of Donald Trump, fake news has stayed an issue in the Covid-19 pandemic, continuing to support dangerous behaviour. Current efforts to mitigate the spread of misinformation rely on readers fact checking articles,

Retractions and Covid-19: a look into bad science

Every once in a while, we are reminded of the wisdom in ancient tales. During the current pandemic, we are specifically reminded of one of the most famous tales of Aesop’s fables, the “tortoise and the hare”, which gave rise to the famous idiom “slow and steady wins the race”. The metaphorical race, in this

Shifting linguistics: how we mimic those around us

Have you ever been on holiday, or been with a group of friends, or at a new workplace, and found that your accent or way of speaking has changed? Maybe you’ve started using slang terms you’d never even heard of before, or the initial words that come to your mind are something different than the

A pile of electronic waste, including TVs, keyboards and computers
University of Iowa researchers find new way to recycle e-waste
First image of Mars taken by the Perseverance rover
Perseverance rover lands safely on Mars: a new decade of exploration