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Photo of Sean Bean at 2017 Film Festival Cologne Awards
BBC’s Time Review
Image of the cast of Friends, taken around season 2.
Does the Friends reunion mark the rise of ‘uncancelled’ culture?

Rating – ⭐ Who needs enemies when you have Friends like these? The Aniston and Schwimmer ‘real life’ love story mirroring the fictional storyline appeared a decoy for dealing with any real issues, proving unaccountability as the true hallmark of the 90s show. Goodbye, old Friends – It’s been great avenging the past and demanding accountability. A former

Festival photo of Jed Mercurio
“What’s next, mate?” Though watchable, Line of Duty misses the mark

Rating – ⭐⭐⭐ Attempting to appease millions of passionate viewers, as well as wrapping up an enthralling yet exceedingly complex story that has been almost a decade in the making, was never going to be easy. I don’t envy Jed Mercurio, Line of Duty’s ingenious creator. But the bitter truth is that this final instalment

The University's of Edinbugh's logo
Former University Rector criticises handling of transphobia allegations

The University of Edinburgh’s former Rector, Ann Henderson, has published an article criticising the institution’s handling of repeated ‘unsubstantiated public allegations of transphobia and abuse from a University of Edinburgh student organisation’ that ‘effectively went unchallenged by the University.’ The allegations described by Henderson began in August 2018, after Edinburgh Labour Students issued a public

Hybrid learning set to continue

On Monday, students at the University of Edinburgh received an email from Vice-Principal Colm Harmon outlining the university’s plans for the next academic year commencing in  September 2021, in which he stated that “large lectures/classes will need to be delivered digitally”.  After the 2020-2021 academic year was dominated by a hybrid teaching model, meaning a

University of Edinburgh launches ‘Report and Support’ system to address sexual violence

The University of Edinburgh has launched a new “Report and Support” system, described as ‘a platform for reporting distressing situations related to sexual violence, harassment, domestic abuse, stalking and more.’ The system allows students to report such issues anonymously or named, and ensures that they can choose “what gender of staff will contact [them],” in

Image shows polling place sign.
Fourth win for the SNP with calls for second independence referendum
Image shows the University of Edinburgh's main library
Library services to broaden but ‘click and collect’ to end
My thanks to the government

I’m sure the feeling is universal. All of us lucky students are so thankful to the Government. Times have been hard, lockdown has been painful, but the Government has been a stalwart of support. The one we all hoped for when we entered the voting booths for the first time. Naturally, it is safe to

William the Conqueror

Halle-fucking-lujah. The union is saved. Scottish nationalism has been struck dead in a single blow, never to rear it’s ugly head again.

Confronting the West’s colonial foreign policy

The recent violence displayed in the Capitol, towards the end of Trump’s administration, has offered a brief glimpse of the violence around the world caused by America’s interfering foreign policy. The USA’s War on Terror is a brilliant example of how colonialism has been preserved in essence and been modernised, rather than eradicated. Language is

The hysteria surrounding Prince Philip’s death makes the case for republicanism
A plea for student journalism
An image of Fraser Mcdonald and Nathaniel Cartier of the Edinburgh Collective
In conversation with the Edinburgh Collective

The Student recently sat down with Nathaniel Cartier and Fraser Macdonald, the co-founders of the Edinburgh Collective, a network of creatives living in the Edinburgh area. They are attempting to put up a mural at the Bruntsfield Links public restrooms.  Q: So, in your own words, what is the Edinburgh Collective? What are you trying

An interview with the creators of edventure

The Student speaks to Zara Zarman, Director and Co-founder of edventure, and Rainy Rosch, Head of Marketing.  Last year, edventure launched at the University of Edinburgh. Zara Zarman said that “edventure is the first pan-European university venture builder and accelerator, bringing together universities’ best talents to solve society’s most important challenges. Every academic term, we

In conversation with the Three Pound Theatre Company

Queer as a three-dollar bill – we don’t think so. This phrase has been used throughout the twentieth century as an insult against the Queer community. The Three Pound Coin Theatre Company are reclaiming it. The Student met with Co-founders and Executive Producers Issi Ladd (she/her) and Doug Stephenson (they/them) to talk about what the

A document that says 'defamation law' on it. A gavel and a pair of glasses rest on top of the document.
Defamation: why is the law changing in Scotland?
2021 Scottish Parliamentary candidate Bobbie Prince Bob
Exclusive interview with Bonnie Prince Bob – The indy outsider hoping to shake up the Holyrood establishment
Image shows clean water being collected at a well
You should read: Thirst by Scott Harrison

If you read one book this year, it should be Thirst. Scott Harrison’s 2018 memoir is a story of redemption and one selfish man’s understanding that the world is bigger than himself. Harrison, founder and C.E.O of Charity: Water, talks us through his life story, following his journey from a club promoter to his founding one

Let Them Know: Mabel

★★★★ Her first solo release since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, Mabel’s latest single sees her taking a break from her R&B roots for a taste of house-lite; all with the same energy that sold her earlier work.  Over a sample of RuPaul’s “Supermodel”,  Mabel opens with what can only be described as a

BBC’s Time Review

TW: Mentions of rape/abuse Rating – ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ The latest BBC crime drama to bless our screens, Time, is an outstanding triumph. Not only is it masterfully crafted, continuously both terrifying and heart-breaking, it sends a profoundly important message to a nation whose prison system is in dire need of radical reform. Sean Bean stars as

Cinema seats
Crying at Cruella: A Love Letter to the Cinema
Cruella review: Two Emmas for the price of one
Falling in love inside my flat

After spending a year locked up inside my student flat, my gaze has turned inward and I have started romanticising almost everything in sight. (Definitely not my flatmates though so sorry to disappoint if you thought this was going to be a juicy confession piece!) No, no, my new loves are all the lopsided items

Mind gardening: the solution to our shortened attention spans?

How often do you analyse your mind? Your chattering internal monologue is free to roam as it pleases through news stories, clothing catalogues, countless little worries….The freedom this voice inside your head is granted is obtuse and unhealthy, and meditation apps such as Headspace encourage us to slow down this manic alter-person and analyse its

Separating myself from ‘Lad Culture’

Cw: sexual harassment and assault. Tragedy, once we process the pain, can lead to profound realisations about the world around us. Both a personal loss, and that of Sarah Everard, illustrated to me that we only have a finite amount of time in life, so I now endeavour to engage with and appreciate my relatives

clothing is arranged to spell the text 'SECOND HAND'.
Five lockdown charity shop alternatives
Pink neon light with the words: "you're doing great"
The lonely pursuit of self-confidence
Image of the earth with a mask shielding it
India Gasps For Air. All I Can Do Is Watch.

I woke up last Thursday morning, and instead of the motivational quotes I usually stumble across on my Instagram stories, I saw black screens that read out “URGENT!” in bold red letters. Two of them were from my kindergarten friends. They were both asking for plasma donations for their family members. My heart dropped. “Is

Commission on the Status of Women: time to build back better

According to a recent YouGov/UN Women survey, only 3% of women aged 18-24 in the UK have never experienced sexual harassment. Of the other 97%, 45% didn’t report it, because they didn’t believe it would help change things. Almost 50% of young women reported having been physically followed. Globally, an adolescent girl dies every ten

How I am learning to set boundaries with my anxiety

CW: Anxiety, Stress Anxiety is experienced by different people across all walks of life and comes in many shapes and forms. I have experienced anxiety and depression almost my entire life, it started in early childhood and has followed me into adulthood. I worry about everything, even though worrying is normal, I realised it was getting

Writing as if writing an obituary
Let’s Talk about obituaries
A street leading off from Edinburgh university, deserted and dark to show what it's like to walk at night - can be scary and comforting at the same time
Walking in the Dark
Jofra Archer prepares to bat for England
The Survival of Cricket

“Test cricket is dead.” Those were the words of the ever-positive Michael Vaughan during an interview last week. While he holds a somewhat mixed reputation as a pundit, here Mr Vaughan is most certainly correct. This article is not titled “The Survival of Test Cricket”, as you will no doubt realise after checking the title

Series win marks dawn of Indian dominance

During the final session of day two in Ahmedabad, as Indian wicketkeeper-batsman Rishabh Pant reverse paddled James Anderson for four, it felt like we were witnessing a watershed moment in the landscape of test cricket. The shot, so innovative, dispatched the bowler, so legendary – a perfect encapsulation of out with the old and in

Where did it all go wrong for Celtic?

The dream of ten in a row died precisely as it deserved to; an utterly miserable affair in which 27 shots on target returned zero goals, against newly-promoted opposition. If it goes ahead, defeat in the remaining Old Firm derby would leave Celtic trailing by a full 23 points, a margin not seen for a

Rangers complete long path back to the top
Scotland fight back to draw 2-2 with Austria
a set of scrabble tiles spelling "fake news"
Social media companies hold power to stop misinformation

“FAKE NEWS” has been shouted louder than almost anything else over the last few years. Coming to the forefront with the wild accusations of Donald Trump, fake news has stayed an issue in the Covid-19 pandemic, continuing to support dangerous behaviour. Current efforts to mitigate the spread of misinformation rely on readers fact checking articles,

Retractions and Covid-19: a look into bad science

Every once in a while, we are reminded of the wisdom in ancient tales. During the current pandemic, we are specifically reminded of one of the most famous tales of Aesop’s fables, the “tortoise and the hare”, which gave rise to the famous idiom “slow and steady wins the race”. The metaphorical race, in this

Shifting linguistics: how we mimic those around us

Have you ever been on holiday, or been with a group of friends, or at a new workplace, and found that your accent or way of speaking has changed? Maybe you’ve started using slang terms you’d never even heard of before, or the initial words that come to your mind are something different than the

A pile of electronic waste, including TVs, keyboards and computers
University of Iowa researchers find new way to recycle e-waste
First image of Mars taken by the Perseverance rover
Perseverance rover lands safely on Mars: a new decade of exploration