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10 Uses for the Microwave

ByTamani Jayasinghe

Oct 18, 2014

This week Tamani gives you 10 masterful uses for… the microwave

The microwave was essentially created just for people like me who are always a dangerous combination of impatient and too hungry to wait for anything to cook the traditional way. But as someone who also enjoys experimenting in the kitchen, despite my limited abilities, I am here to tell you that you are probably not using your microwave to the extent of its capabilities. Sure you can use the microwave to heat up a ready meal, but why not keep fooling yourself into thinking you can actually cook with one of the following ways instead?

1. Potato: 5 minutes in the microwave versus 1 hour in the oven. Is there really even a question here?

2. Poach your own eggs: Crack an egg into a bowl and add a bit of water. Microwave for about a minute, and you should have yourself poached eggs.

3. Steamed vegetables: Pop raw vegetables in the microwave for a few minutes instead of waiting for them to boil. Then send a picture to your Mum so she can stop asking if you’re getting enough nutrition.

4. Cake in a cup. This will take you about 4 minutes – 3 minutes to Google a recipe and 1 minute for microwave-baking.

5. Pasta: I am a person who has burned pasta. If you too have embarrassed yourself in this way, try microwaving your pasta in a bowl of water.

6. Repeat all the steps above, but add cheese. Easy Mac.

7. Nachos: Crisps and cheese in the microwave for a minute. Excellent for when Dominos is already closed by the time you walk home.

8. Fondue: Melt chocolate/cheese and dip things in it. Fine-dining.

9. Crisps: Slice potatoes thin & cover with olive oil. 

10. Heat up leftover takeaway. Trying to function like an adult full-time is exhausting.   


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