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10 Uses for Instant Noodles

ByTamani Jayasinghe

Oct 4, 2014

Throughout university, many of my friends have become better equipped in the kitchen out of necessity. While they honed their culinary skills, I chose the alternative route of learning how to feed myself using the minimum amount of effort possible. As a result of my commitment to this lifestyle, I have been involved in a long-term relationship with instant noodles. Any student will be familiar with these magical packets of freeze-dried sustenance.  They come in a variety of brands and flavours, but even I, an instant noodle connoisseur, cannot distinguish any difference between them. If you are not already a fan, I guarantee you will be after trying any of the following ways to enjoy them.

1. Eat as instructed.

2. Add chopped green onions, sweet corn and coriander leaves to fool yourself into thinking you’re eating a real meal.

3. The Ramen-lette: This is the frittata’s sad cousin. Prepare noodles as usual, but drain well. Combine with eggs omelette-style.

4. Swap out the flavour packet for melted cheese.

5. Drain and stir-fry with meat/vegetables. Instagram a picture of this so people think you have your life together.

There are two types of people in this world – those who eat raw instant noodles and those who do not. If you’re a proud member of the former group, keep reading.

6. Remember vegetables? Sprinkle raw, broken up noodles over salad.

7. Mix flavour packet, raw noodles, and nuts together. DIY Bombay mix.

8. Break into sticks. Serve with hummus for dipping. Perfect for convincing dinner guests that you are an adult.

9. Mix raw noodles with melted Nutella and peanut butter, shape into balls, and freeze. At this point, you’re probably already malnourished so why not.

10. Eat raw, plain noodles as a late night snack. No one has to know.

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