2017’s best advent calendars

With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to get your advent calendar sorted. There are thousands out there to choose from, but this year it doesn’t have to be chocolate behind those doors. Whether you’re tea-obsessed, have a soft spot for pork crackling or are the ultimate gin connoisseur, there’s something out there for everyone. Arguably a vital part of the Christmas tradition, advent calendars count down from the 1st December to Christmas day, helping to build up Christmas spirit in the wait until the festive season.

Here are the Student’s top 5 advent calendars of 2017:


The Snaffling pig – Hog Roast Pork Crackling advent calendar. RRP – £19.99. Amazon.com

Not suitable for vegetarians, this pork crackling advent calendar is perfect for pub goers and pork lovers alike. Each door has a tiny bag of pork crackling behind it each in one of six delicious gourmet flavours including: Salt and Vinegar, Low and slow BBQ, maple, black pepper and sea salt, perfectly salted and the special Christmas flavour, pigs in blankets. A slight diversion from the traditional advent calendar, this pork scratchings extravaganza is sure to tickle your taste buds and is a great alternative to chocolate for those who prefer more savoury treats.


Milly Green Tea Advent Calendar. RRP – £20. Exclusive to John Lewis.

Great for those who are looking for something to help them keep warm this winter, the Milly Green Tea advent calendar provides you with a cup of tea a day right up until Christmas eve. With an extensive variety of flavours ranging from classic English Breakfast tea, to refreshing Earl Grey and adventurous Green Tea with Cardamom, this advent calendar is just right for all tea lovers hoping to stay snug this Christmas.


 Love Your Selfie Advent Calendar. RRP – £19.99. The Present Finder.

Featuring 24 selfie enhancing treats, the Love Your Selfie advent calendar is the best choice for all selfie-lovers. With items ranging from nail polishes to eyeshadow kits to selfie props, this advent calendar will help you take that perfect Christmas selfie.


 The Ginvent Calendar. RRP – £124. Ginfoundry.com

At the more expensive end of the scale, this advent calendar, or Ginvent Calendar, is filled with 24 mini bottles of the finest gin from across the world. In previous years the gins included have ranged from Navy strength to Fruit infused gins to a classic London Dry. This advent calendar is a great festive excuse to try different gins and explore a variety of flavours. Although a bit of a stretch in terms of price, the Ginvent Calendar will ensure that gin lovers everywhere have the chance to indulge this Christmas.


 Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendar. RRP – £12.50. Hotel Chocolat.

Alternative advent calendars aside, who can beat the joy of looking forward to a tiny chocolate surprise every morning. This gorgeous advent calendar from Hotel Chocolat is the cheapest of our top 5 festive calendars. While maintaining the traditional chocolatey feel associated with most advent calendars, it still manages to surprise and delight. Crammed full of delicious chocolates in various festive shapes such as Santa, reindeer or tiny angels, it is the perfect way to countdown to what is for many the best time of the year.



image: Congerdesign via Pixabay

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