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’44 More’ is a statement of intent and difference from Logic

4/5 stars

’44 More’ by Logic was a surprise release from the Maryland rapper. ’44 More’ is a statement regarding Logic’s prolific nature of releasing fresh content. There’s a consensus that the single is a throwback to Logic’s earlier content. To a large extent, this is true – at least, it’s unlike Logic’s recent content. ’44 More’ is track with no hook, it’s purely bars. The beat, produced by 6ix is a two-part trap beat. Logic’s flow is superimposed over the skeletal trap beat, which changes pace a little over halfway through. Logic’s influences can easily be picked up in his music. He’s known to be a student of the game of rap, but is often criticized for really pioneering a unique sound. Logic has the chance to separate himself from the pack here, as a quality trap rapper – one who can deliver sophisticated bars with a wicked delivery. Pursuing this niche could really take Logic to the next level.

Image: Kevin Cortopassi via. Flickr

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