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5 Seconds Of Summer – Good Girls

ByRobert Anderson

Nov 25, 2014
Image: slate.com

Boy band 5 Seconds of Summer’s new track, ‘Good Girls’, shows that, unfortunately, the world hasn’t quite moved past the era of manufactured pseudo-punks, spouting pretentious nonsense.

The track just screams “we’re not corporate pop – honestly, look, we have guitars!”. The annoyingly repetitive lyrics focus mostly on patronising gimmicks, masquerading as a rebellious anthem, while containing about as much substance as your average quaver.
The fleet of Harry Styles clones does genuinely seem like a spoof of a noughties boy band, with every typical feature of one exaggerated – from the superficial guitar lines to those stupid harmonies where they wail like they’re trying to pass a kidney stone the size of a small hedgehog.

This song is the quintessential example of the industry trying to squeeze the essence of every other successful off-the-shelf manufactured act into one super-concentrated, over-the-top monstrosity fronted by talentless idiots who are only borderline past being classed as foetuses.

By Robert Anderson


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