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ROYGBIV – Innovative Culture

ByChloe Henderson

Feb 18, 2015
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Whilst we’re sure some of you will be busy with all the fun and exciting events put on by the university this Innovative Learning Week (wink wink), for many of us it’s nothing but an opportunity for a week-long lie-in. It seems a shame to waste a whole seven days of freedom on what we’re sure you do every weekend anyway, so why not spend your time a bit more wisely and give some of the organised workshops and activities a chance? With hundreds to choose from, we promise you’ll find something that appeals to you, but why not check out a suggested few we have compiled ourselves?

First, if you’re looking to improve your creative writing skills, head on down to the pop-up writer’s workshop on Tuesday 17. Running from 3-4pm the class aims to challenge you to a few experiments in thinking, providing a stimulating and social atmosphere.

If that’s not your thing, try Sexpress Yourself! on Wednesday 18, providing a day of workshops exploring topics from gender and sexuality to pornography, and everything in between. Drop in sometime between 11am and 8pm to break social boundaries and open your mind.  In a similar vein, Purple, on Friday 20, offers a theatre debate session based on a tragic ‘magic-romantic-comic’ play about a gay couple. Including live music and dancing as well as a debate to round it all off, Purple seeks to engage the audience in a dialogue covering sexuality, gender, age, and culture. The performance begins at 3pm and runs until 5pm.

The Edinburgh College of Art is also hosting a variety of student exhibitions for you to check out. Head on down and support the work of your peers by visiting any of the following: Talk, Walk, Make. Stories of a City, from February 16. Edible Cities: A Food-Based Approach to Knowledge Exchange, from February 17. The Stories and Secrets of Collecting Contemporary Art, from February 18. And 8 Hours to Save the Planet, from February 16.

If you’d like to try your own hand at being creative, Open Studio: Creative Collaboration Workshops is offering a series of classes that will culminate in an exhibition to feature your works, open to the public. This year’s theme is ‘evolution’, which you are invited to explore through a variety of different mediums. The first session is held on February 19, with sessions between 10am and 6pm.

By Chloe Henderson

Chloe Henderson is a 3rd year history student and ex-Culture Editor for The Student. She now writes for various sections of the paper, with a particular focus on Science & Tech. Her dream job is to be a superhero, but failing that, a Middle East correspondent for Al-Jazeera.

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