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Gotta Taste ‘Em All: Bonnie Burrito, Lauriston Place

ByJulie Zaugg

Mar 31, 2015

Mexican food is good, it’s common knowledge, but what about Mexican food with some Scottish hints? Nicholas Forrest did it. He is the owner of Bonnie Burrito, a vivid red food stall strategically situated in front of the Blood Donor Center, near the College of Art. The young Scottish man thought about owning a food stall after he left Aberdeen University, a few years ago.

A burrito aficionado, he travelled in Mexico and noticed how healthy and versatile Mexican food can be; he thus decided to start his tasty business and bring some colour to the grey sky of Scotland.

However, he did not forget his roots and, to add a Scottish aspect to his products, he chose to adapt the menu.

Do you want an example? I had an Irn Bru Pulled Pork Burrito (how on earth could it be more Mexi-Scottish?) and it was just de-li-cious. Filled up with rice, black beans, corn, sweet chili sauce and a home-made guacamole, it just tasted so good that I felt like wanting another one for dessert –I know it sounds bad, but I’m a student, I’m not supposed to care when it comes to food.

Anyway, I was pleased to know that it was made from fresh products, and that all meats offered came from a local butcher.

Bonnie Burrito only settled there three weeks ago and business already seems to be going well despite the great number of Mexican restaurants already around town.

Of course there’s more competition, “but we offer a street food concept, which is different”, said Nicholas, adding that the fact their “kitchen is right in front of you and it can be smelled from a distance” may make it more appealing.

Indeed both NHS workers and uni students seem to enjoy the food, on which you can obtain a 10 per cent student discount – yes, a loyalty card is already available. Bonnie Burrito is full of projects, launching next week a Breakfast burrito which will be available from 8 to 12am, and is also looking forward to festival-goers in August discovering the concept. Find them during the week, Monday to Friday, from 7.30am to 3.30pm, and in the meantime don’t be surprised if you bump into a haggis burrito around Campus!

Photo: bonnieburrito.com


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