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Tom Rosenthal – ‘Lights Are On’

ByKatie Cutforth

Sep 15, 2018

Tom Rosenthal’s music could be the soundtrack to anyone’s life. His collection of five albums and four EPs, spanning just five years, touches on every imaginable human emotion and stage of life.

Recently though, Tom has been focusing on putting his listeners to sleep. ‘Lights Are On’ is the latest single from the upcoming, unamed “sleepy album”; a series of rereleases of old tracks produced with a twist of calming tones.

Lulled in by gently rocking piano chords, Tom’s soft and melancholic vocals swoop and soar at a slower tempo than usual. The track is delicately painted with perfect cadences and pretty ornamentation; doubling his signature self-harmonisation he creates an echoing chorus. Sadly, we will have to wait until the album drops in October to get a full night’s sleep.

Image: Elliott Billings via Flickr.

By Katie Cutforth

Music Editor

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