A Crash Course in Decorating Your Uni Room

Freshers is the time to embrace your creative side and individuality in your bedroom. Whether you are looking for cozy Danish “hygge” or are wanting something more luxurious, there is a way of tailoring design ideas to your desire. Whatever the vibe you’re trying to fabricate, a refined and honest space sparks a sense of satisfaction within a room designed for relaxing and de-stressing. The home is designed around emotional needs, and the bedroom should be considered the very essence of relaxation – an epicentre of tranquillity, if you like.

Professionals know that the trick to maintaining the illusion of space is down to daylight. Leave windows unobscured in a small room to allow light to slip in and bounce around. Access to natural light is proven to help reduce depression, aid recovery, and enhance performance. So let the sunshine in!

The romantic glow of a flickering candle provides a warm welcome into your bedroom. The soft, warm light perfectly highlights the contours of the room. So, position tealights around as the light fades, and feel the stresses of uni life fall away.

When it comes to your space, nobody likes things getting in the way! To guarantee you impress, regular decluttering is the answer. Sorting and organising doesn’t need to be stressful, although the majority of us will make it so. When you have little time on your hands, speed up the process by asking yourself: ‘Have I used this in the past month?’ – you’ll find that things are easier to let go of. Designer William Morris believed that items in your home should be either useful or beautiful. Setting aside ten minutes to fill a bin bag each week with items you no longer need can actually be therapeutic – a nice break from uni work.

For ‘storage hacks’ in a small space like student halls, replace clutter-prone surfaces with a plant or ornament. Over-door hooks save closet space and draw organisers can be a real bonus too. For budget-friendly storage solutions, perhaps try the £5 ‘Skubb’ slim organiser from IKEA, or the ‘3 Tier Slimline Trolley’ at Dunelm for £12. The less mess, the less stress!

Why not add a breath of fresh air to the room? Infuse an invigorating shade into your colour palette by planting the illusion of the outdoors. If you want an Instagram-worthy bedroom to revitalise in after a long day at uni, keeping an eye out for potted plants could be the way forward. Vibrant greens and flashy hues add to the sense of relaxation in the bedroom. Not to mention, the hefty list of health benefits that accompanies bringing nature under the roof. With improved air quality, individuals are happier when their environment mimics the outdoors – they become more productive, whilst well-being is amplified.

With interiors feeling more relaxed and stimulating, how could plants not be the perfect choice to incorporate into the bedroom? However, hayfever sufferers, steer clear! Perhaps try budget-friendly faux plants to avoid allergies.

Time to spice up your bedroom! Display yourself and your values through the creative aspect of interior design. A vivid pop of colour or texture can really pull a room together. Deep blue and purple hues create a boujee appeal – instead of focusing on objects, achieve this look with sought-after LED strip lights, which can be easily discovered for under £10 on eBay or Facebook Marketplace.

If you’re seduced by the chiner style, you can reflect that with a collection of second-hand pieces from charity shops across the city. Simply ensure your room is bespoke to your needs and wants. As long as you are happy with results inspired by your own imagination, your bedroom will surely give you the feeling of pure ecstasy.

Image accredited to Emma Brennan.