A happy headline to quell hectic days

You know what they say -a happy headline a day keeps your mind at bay! Neither do I know who “they” are nor if anyone says this, but it does rhyme and that’s enough for me.

Looking for a bit of light relief from the ever-flowing stream of babble? Well, look no further. Take a minute or two to appreciate the happiness manifesting in this here post.

From slow-mo to go-pro, the filming of this video from start to finish sandwiches elegance, goofiness and joy. The majestic Labrador, who has chosen to stay anonymous, is far from the only golden feature about this vid; showing an unforgettable display of pure talent and skill. Dogs really are too pure for this world.

Stay tuned throughout the following weeks for some more soothing content which I hope will ease your mind of that which must not be named.

Follow this link for some happy content and a much needed break from the ‘C’ word: 

Image Credit: Jathin.d via Wikimedia Commons