A Royal Mess

In the midst of all this nonsense going on with the junior royals it is important to remind ourselves that the (alleged) creepy uncle of the Windsor family – despite an impressive grilling from Emily Maitlis – has survived the questions regarding his sex offender (read: convicted paedophile) friend. It is well worth going back to the matter of whether he has been met with suitable consequences, not as he claimed for being “too honourable” but of his (alleged) actions and deeply suspicious relationships with high profile sex offenders.

Andrew Windsor denies all allegations and has even suggested images of him with his accuser from early 2001 may have been faked, claiming that he doesn’t “recall that photograph ever being taken”. However, this is a man who spent his entire life in the public eye, a man who know better than most the consequences of poor public perception – he comes from a notoriously dodgy family who have  historically counted within their ranks: liars, cheats and even Nazi sympathisers. They know better than to encourage the ‘wrong’ kind of attention. Making it all the more confusing when we consider his actions following the historic conviction of Jeffrey Epstein. He should have known better.

These allegations are a symptom of the deep problems which lie at the heart of the British monarchy, so is it really that surprising that Mr and Mrs Sussex want out? They aren’t exactly being praised by the media, but it would in fact be more concerning for anyone to sit down, carefully survey the state of the monarchy in the UK and then think: yeah, I see nothing wrong here. Perhaps the rest of the family should follow suit.  Not least because their wealth, power and privilege appear to go a long way towards protecting them from the fallout pertaining to their actions. Would Andrew Windsor have gotten away with simply retreating from public life if he was not a member of the royal family? 

Recent events have only driven home the point that the British monarchy is no longer fit for purpose. There is no place for such a system in a modern, outward-looking, progressive, constitutional democracy. The British media only serve to fawn over this absurdly wealthy family and are in no small part responsible for the adoration heaped upon the Windsor’s by Joe Public. Those paragons of virtue, integrity and unbiased reporting which pass for our print media should have been on the ball. It is their job to hold Andrew Windsor to account, to hold any royal or senior public figure to account. Instead they are waging a campaign of hate – rightly or wrongly – against some actress who they appear to think is ‘stealing’ their favourite ginger. Woe is them. The royals have had their fair share of accusations levelled against them over the years but the moment one seems to stick the British print media show mercy? Not exactly in character, is it? If the monarchy has any desire to survive – whether or not they should maintain their status is a matter I have addressed already in The Student – they must sort themselves out, modernise and present a united front. They must acknowledge their mistakes, face the consequences and stop leaching off the public.

With every scandal that goes by it is becoming increasingly clear that the British monarchy may not be fit for purpose in the 21st century. In order to survive they must transform, understand that they are accountable for their actions and make suitable amends. Let us not be distracted by this Harry and Meghan rubbish, we must remember to hold those in positions of power to account and not let ourselves get swept away by tabloid gossip. The monarchy is struggling, only time will tell if it survives – or if it deserves to.

Image: Carfax2 via Wikimedia Commons 

By Adam Losekoot

Senior Opinion Editor, sexy bastard and all round stand up guy