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A TV and Film Lover’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

BySulemaan Mohi

Feb 13, 2022
Valentine's Day M&Ms in Shape of a Heart

As Valentine’s Day quickly approaches, it can often catch us off guard, unsure about what we should do for the occasion. With the weather getting more miserable by the day, what better way to spend your time than in a cinema or at home watching some Netflix (although some would prefer to Netflix and chill instead)? Here are five things you can watch with your partner this Valentine’s.

What About Love

Who doesn’t like to watch a story about two people slowly and unknowingly falling in love? What About Love is about exactly that: a couple of young people travelling around Europe to document people’s thoughts on love (something which they aren’t too keen on themselves). What they don’t realise is that they end up filming their own love story instead, something which proves crucial when tragedy befalls them both. 

Marry Me

Jennifer Lopez and Owen Wilson. Surely that on its own is enough to make you want to go and see this film! If not, maybe you’ll find the plot intriguing instead. Jenifer Lopez is one half of a celebrity couple that at the last minute decides to marry a stranger when she finds out her fiancée cheated on her. What starts as a spontaneous reaction grows into newfound love but is it really possible for people from such different worlds to bridge the gap and find true love?

A través de mi ventana (Through My Window)

I think we can all agree that Spanish is one of the most romantic languages you could ever speak, so why not switch it up and watch a Spanish film this Valentine’s? Debuting on Netflix, the film tells a classic love story of someone falling in love with their neighbour after many years of watching them from their window – but will the reality live up to the fantasy? Surprisingly, it all starts with the WiFi password…with the Spanish famous for not holding back when it comes to the theme of love, expect an emotional rollercoaster and heart-warming scenes throughout.

Love is Blind Season 2

If you want a romantic TV show, look no further than season 2 of Netflix’s Love is Blind. After the breakout hit of this reality TV show in 2020, a new batch of singles come together in Chicago to seek out love. Unlike other reality shows, the contestants don’t get to see each other’s faces, only being allowed to talk to each other behind a screen. Taking the concept of “personality over looks” to a whole new level, this might be the show to binge watch on the weekend running up to Valentines.


Whilst this film is not coming out this year, and was actually released in 2019, I thought it is worthy of a mention. Being an instant cult classic among the LGBTQ+ community, Rafiki is the love story of two young women living in Kenya. Dealing with political as well as familial pressures and the fact that homosexuality is illegal in Kenya, can their relationship survive? From winning an award to playing at the Cannes film festival, it is definitely worth a watch.

Image courtesy of m01229 via Wikimedia Commons