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Add a little spring to your room

ByRosie Duckworth

Mar 14, 2017

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to update and brighten your room with some great new items. Even just adding few small spring-coloured pieces will instantly make a difference and make a room feel brighter and ready for spring. Pastels and soft shades are perfect, and will easily make a room feel ready for the new season.

A good way to improve a room quickly is with some fresh new bedding. Primark do brilliant duvet and pillow sets for just £12 in some quirky, bright patterns. Their current Palm Leaf print duvet set has lovely spring pastels and will bring a cheery look to any room. If a whole bedding set is not what you need, one or two cushions can make a room feel comfier and brighter without having to go all out with new bedding. Once again, Primark is a go-to for comfy cushions that don’t break the bank.

Similarly, adding some foliage and plants will fast make a room more inviting, giving life and freshening the place up after winter. Even just some simple daffodils, or a cactus or two, will make a difference. Urban Outfitters have a range of tiny cacti and information on how to keep them, and they are an easy-to-keep way to give a little spirit to a dull university room. If these are too pricey, or the thought of having to keep a plant alive seems too much effort, most high street shops such as Primark and New Look sell fake plants that have the same effect without the need to water. Ikea is another dream location for cheap but cheerful houseplants, along with plenty of other cushions, rugs or paintings that will add something new to your room.

Pictures and wall-hangings are an ideal way to make a plain wall look less bare. Invest in a patterned poster or floral fixture and you’ll notice the difference. Another option to fill your walls is by printing off your own photos or Polaroids, this makes your room feel especially personal. Surround your photos with some fairy lights, or use ones with clips, such as New Look’s Clip Fairy Lights, to make it look extra special.

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