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Aditi Mittal: Mother of Invention Review

ByRohini Nambiar

Aug 15, 2019

As one of the few female Indian comedians, Aditi Mittal is what she terms herself a “trailblazer”. The hour-long Mother of Invention comedy show is a hilarious recount of Mittal’s experience as a female comedian in India. While highlighting how difficult it is to make a living in a traditionally male-dominated bourgeoning stand-up industry in India, Mittal captivates the audience in a light-hearted, entertaining manner.

Mittal’s brand of comedy sidesteps slapstick humour and offers a refreshing, entertaining perspective on issues facing society. While primarily focusing on her personal experiences, Mittal does not shy away from the deeper social and political structures that impact her work as a comedian. Mittal begins Mother of Invention by highlighting the irony of charity shows staged on the pretence of raising awareness about feminism but failed to pay their female performers. She delves into the symbolic use of the word “Mother” and cow vigilantism as tools by the right-winged nationalist as a means to garner support. Her brush with the law as a result of offending such sentiments changes her relationship with her tough mother, who comes to her rescue. Mittal’s recount of her experiences with misogynistic men (who do not understand female comedians) and her conversations with her mother are so vivid; the crowd almost feels like they are there with her.

 The venue for the performance at The Box creates an intimate atmosphere which works perfectly for Mittal’s style of comedy. Unlike many stand-up comedians, Mittal strays away from interacting directly with her audience. Yet, because of how smoothly connected her delivery is, the crowd is engaged throughout the set. Her facial expressions and attempts to imitate other characters in her stories work well and add to the comedic experience. There is barely an awkward pause or interlude between her stories and the jokes connect well with each other.

Ultimately, Mother of Invention is a well-written show with impeccable timing and delivery. Mittal’s comedy show, is relatable, humorous fashion that connects with a global audience.


 Aditi Mittal: Mother of Invention is on at Assembly George Square- The Box (Venue 8)

Until August 25th at 17:30

Tickets can be found here


Image: TBC

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