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Advice for your winter skincare

ByKatharine Cook

Nov 22, 2016

Dry skin is the bane of my life. Regardless of the season or the temperature, roughly bi-monthly, my lips get so dry that I become seriously concerned that they could fall off. It’s not a surprise that it gets far worse and more frequent during the winter months. Winter is one of the best seasons going for so many reasons. Though unfortunately winter weather, especially in Edinburgh, is no joke.

My favourite methods of winter skincare involve hydrating as much as possible, mostly using body butter, lip balm and a lot of coconut oil. Coconut oil is especially useful as it has many uses, it can therefore be easily incorporated into your skincare routine. It can be used on your lips, on the tips of dry hair and even as a shaving gel! Drinking more is another easy way to hydrate your body, but unfortunately coffee and alcohol don’t count.

Winter skincare is one of many great excuses to gather your friends and try out some face masks. Face masks are available from lots of retailers such as Boots, Superdrug and Tesco. However if you want to be more adventurous (and save money) then I suggest trying out one of the following recipes. If you’re not sure how your face may react to a certain ingredient you could patch test the mask on your arm before applying it.

The Zinger

Hence named due to its sharp, citrusy aroma, probably due to the fact that it is made mostly out of lemon juice. To make this mask, combine the juice of one lemon with a quarter cup (60 mg) of oil (I used coconut oil) and spread evenly across your face. This mask is fantastically hydrating although I would give it a miss if you have any dry skin that may really sting.

The Triple Threat

This mask involves avocado, aloe vera and olive (or coconut) oil. To achieve the perfect paste, mash either half or a full avocado (depending how much you paste you require) and then once it’s sufficiently squished combine it with a teaspoon of aloe vera and another of your chosen oil. Once your mask is finished, apply it evenly over a sink or a bowl. Trust me. Leave it for 10 minutes then gently wash off to reveal beautiful smooth skin.

By Katharine Cook

An undergraduate Psychology student with a passion for strong coffee and student journalism. Lifestyle editor.

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