Albums of the Year 2019: 1000 gecs – 100 gecs

There are 3 stages to listening to 100 gecs. Step 1: cover your ears and ask whoever put it on to turn it off because you think it’s appalling. Step 2: that person (probably me) insists you listen to it again and you find it amusingly stupid, maybe you’d even put it on as a joke or for fun. Step 3: you truly listen to it at another point and realise it is arguably the most creative pop album to come out in years and it’s a near-perfect masterpiece. These steps have occurred for the many people I’ve shown 100 gecs to and they deserve that and then some. They went from obscure DJs to a legitimate band within a year and no one deserves it more.

With some of the most creative transitions, achieving dozens of motifs and emotions within 2-minute tracks, and some of the most iconic lyrics of the decade (see: the opening lyrics of ‘money machine’), there is something so engaging and raw about 1000 gecs. It’s a 23 minute fever dream of indescribable sounds and ideas that can only be described as 30H!3 meets industrial noise meets dubstep, but way better than that description could ever imply.

Seeing it live in November only amplified and cemented its music as that of geniuses. Cannot wait to keep geccing on, and if there is any album from this year that I’d bet is the most influential it is an easy lock.

Image: via Apple Music

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