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Albums of the Year 2019: Clairo – Immunity

ByAnna Mougin

Jan 19, 2020
Clairo at The Roxy

Clairo’s early career suffered from accusations of being an industry plant, and whilst this is easily disputed, the authenticity of her sound was clouded by collaborations on her EP diary 001 and her work with producers such as SG Lewis, where her lyrical skill and ability to work across through different genres was overshadowed, only showing through rarely on tracks such as 4EVER, until the release of Immunity.

Not coincidentally, Clairo’s ease in her music goes along with the fact that this album encompasses her first songs openly discussing her relationships with girls, having come out as bisexual last year.

This record, characterised by vulnerability and growth, truly displays Clairo’s sensitivity in writing (Alewife) and the diversity of her musical references – from trap beats in Closer To You to children’s choirs and in I Wouldn’t Ask You to lyrical allusions to Joni Mitchell in Bags (arguably the album’s strongest tracks) – whilst remaining sonically cohesive through Rostam Batmanglij’s careful production.

Overall, Clairo’s debut album is a true testament to her talent as she establishes her sound beyond bedroom pop.

Image: Justin Higuchi via Flickr