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Alec Edgecliffe-Johnson elected EUSA President with 2232 votes

ByEthan DeWitt

Mar 11, 2016

Alec Edgecliffe-Johnson has been elected Edinburgh University Students Association (EUSA) President with 2232 votes.

Competing against Theo Robertson-Bonds, who received 1493 votes, Edgecliffe-Johnson achieved quota in the first round of distribution, passing the threshold of 2005 votes.

Running for the position, Edgecliffe-Johnson stated that he wanted to “create an international community where everyone can knowledge share and work together”, with increased transportation links between Central and satellite campuses and subsidies for medical and vet students.

In his manifesto he pledged to offer liberation officers part time salaries and campaign for a university-wide zero tolerance policy on sexual harassment.

Other manifesto promises included creating “one app to rule them all”, with all university lectures and feedback to be published online and a co-working space for EUSA societies. Alec also said that if elected, he would create go abroad experience for all students that want one.

Edgecliffe-Johnson, a third-year economics student, is former EUSA trustee and Outreach Director for Edinburgh University North American Society.  He ran against Robertson-Bonds, a fourth-year politics student who ran for the position unsuccessfully last year.  Robertson bonds had run on a platform to introduce a Teviot “safe zone” for those on nights out, lobby for a 20 per cent student discount for city bars and shops, and cut down on waiting times for the counselling service.

In an earlier interview with The Student, Edgecliffe-Johnson said he was running for president “to bring Edinburgh together into one community.”

He continued: “I want to be able to hang out with a physics student, a design student, a med student, a vet student, and sit down and work on a project together and create this sort of community. Equally I think a lot of these satellite campuses that don’t feel like they’re part of the greater Edinburgh.

“There’s central and that’s what we sort of think of as Edinburgh. What about Kings? What about the medic school and vet school? We don’t show them the support that they deserve. It’s a big problem,” he said.

When asked why students should vote for him, Edgecliffe-Johnson told The Student: “Because there’s a compelling reason to have a closer community at Edinburgh and there’s a compelling reason to bring everything together.”

Speaking to The Student after his victory, Edgecliffe-Johnson said: “I’m so pleased, but it shouldn’t have been me on that stage, it was all my team. 100 per cent my team.”

Asked by The Student for his reaction to the results, Maximilian Osborne, a member of Edgecliffe-Johnson campaign said: “Of course, really happy, everyone’s really happy he’s won. Everyone put in a lot a lot of work so everyone was hoping for a good outcome.”

Osborne attributed the victory to a widespread campaigning effort and a strong use of social media.

“I think [the success] was a lot of things,” he told The Student.

“Alec definitely hit up all the schools. Besides central he was at Kings everyday. The last few days, the statistics went up for all the different science schools, hundreds of votes, people voting, and social media I think he dominated as well, with the videos.”



By Ethan DeWitt


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