Altopalo’s newest single is perfectly crafted indie

New York alternative electronic four-piece altopalo return with their newest track ‘Honey’, again showing their deft ability to craft indie melodies around larger, ambitious soundscapes.

‘Honey’ has altopalo reflect on their own experiences as musicians, and at its core grapples with a very human message of self-acceptance. With lead singer Rahm Silverglade meshing his silvery vocals with soaring synths and ethereal electronics, altopalo creates gorgeous, polychromatic melodies. The rest of the instrumentation complement the song even more. Pounding drums, a jittery guitar playing, and a playful violin all swell and descend together, following the same emotional beats as the song progresses.

In the chorus, the vocals are tuned to the steady rhythm of the kick drum, creating an energetic and cohesive sensation. The instrumentation goes up a notch, with industrial, triumphant synths taking centre stage. The track mellows out with relaxed electronics and charming piano passages. The soft vocals here are more intimate, more sincere. ‘Honey’ has altopalo play to their strengths: creative electronics, a strong beat, and honest vocals, with the eerie synths and drums moving and shifting around a restless musical terrain.

If this strong lead single is any indicator, it seems that altopalo’s upcoming sophomore effort farawayfromeveryoneyouknow will hopefully contain much more of the same.

Image: Elpatodeule via Wikimedia Commons 

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