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An Edinburgh girl’s guide to dressing for the changing seasons

ByLola Turner

Sep 25, 2023
people entering a vintage clothing store

After consecutive days of rainy weather, it’s safe to say that the seasons have turned, and it’s officially autumn in Edinburgh. A city that somehow comes alive in the bleak and gloomy weather, it’s a struggle to both match the autumn-aesthetic with our outfits, whilst also remaining prepared for the unpredictability of the weather.

After lots of careful consideration (and experimentation), here’s your guide of how to dress for the changing seasons, from head to toe – to create the perfect A/W wardrobe for Edi. The best place to start is by having a collection of reliable and versatile clothing staples; a capsule wardrobe that functions all year round, and that can be easily catered to specific seasons. I’d recommend picking these up from charity shops or alternatively by having a browse on Depop or Vinted for cheap finds. These pieces could include white tees, jumpers of any colour or shape, denim jeans, and jackets – either long, cropped, leather or bomber.

With this, layering is key. We are all aware of how quickly the weather can turn here; and we need to be prepared for it. Once you’ve got an assortment of timeless pieces that can be matched with practically anything it’s time to experiment with layers. Try mixing and matching loose-fit items with fitted pieces, combining different textures and colours. Throw on some accessories. Layering creates endless amounts of good looks, and most importantly, it keeps you warm. I always start my outfit with the bottoms first – and you can’t go wrong with denim. Whatever the wash, hue, and cut, whether these be loose fit jeans, a maxi skirt, flares, or a mini skirt. Any of these can be paired with tights for extra warmth underneath the jeans; you’re already halfway there with your outfit.

An autumn wardrobe wouldn’t be autumn-ing if it didn’t include either a cable knit jumper, or a turtleneck. This is the epitome of the Rory Gilmore look. You could spice this up a bit by trying out a slightly baggy white tee under a V neck jumper or by wearing a collared shirt underneath a round-neck jumper. Jackets and coats either make or break an outfit. Whilst the temperatures are dropping it’s not necessarily time to put on a down puffer yet. Trench coats – of varying colours, shapes and lengths are the perfect alternative for now. They’re available in water-resistant fabrics; match practically anything and they can be styled in any manner. If this isn’t up your street, leather jackets, Afghan coats, oversized quarter-zips, denim jackets (if you fancy a double-denim moment). All are alternative options that can make an outfit.

Bonus points if you can get your hands on a high collared jacket for extra cosiness! Uggs are a classic Autumn shoe – there’s a reason why they sell out at this time of year. The neutral colour palettes scream Autumn and the fluffy linings are well suited to the cold. If you can’t get your hands on a pair, or want to switch things up amongst the current Adidas craze, try some colourful Sambas or Gazelles. We’ve seen cowboy boots all summer, so just incorporate these into you’re A/W wardrobe, too. The final touch comes down to accessories – chunky belts, skinny or knitted scarves, headphones, sunglasses, beanies, jewellery, claw clips, bags, earmuffs.

You have free reign to be creative with your outfits – once you’ve got staples to work with, anything can be adapted to the season. Mix and match different combinations, layer pieces, figure out what you like and don’t panic because there’s no wrong or right no matter what you come up with.

“Huge Vintage Clothing” by garryknight Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)