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An interview with the creators of edventure

ByEmma Conn

May 30, 2021
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The Student speaks to Zara Zarman, Director and Co-founder of edventure, and Rainy Rosch, Head of Marketing. 

Last year, edventure launched at the University of Edinburgh. Zara Zarman said that “edventure is the first pan-European university venture builder and accelerator, bringing together universities’ best talents to solve society’s most important challenges. Every academic term, we create a unique 10-week programme and select the most promising start-ups, ideas, and individuals who show commitment to their visions and integrity.” 

The University of Edinburgh has a number of societies that deal with entrepreneurship, business start-ups, and networking. Yet, Zara still felt there was a place for edventure. “The idea for edventure arose from observations on the gaps in the student start-up ecosystem in Europe. 

“As an organisation, we strongly believe that entrepreneurship is one of the best tools with which to tackle the world’s biggest issues. The goal of edventure is to maximise the potential of the brightest minds in European universities by providing useful resources, tools, and an incredible network. Launching and running a business is tough, especially alongside university, but edventure is an excellent community of passionate people who support each other along that journey.”

On Friday the 26th of March, The Student collaborated with edventure, Se7en Magazine, and the University of Edinburgh Feminist Society for an event about women in entrepreneurship. Speaking on the importance of such an event, Rainy Rosch said: “We see the importance of building strong communities and support networks now more than ever; we have an obligation to shape our vision for the future through our action, and that means taking opportunities to promote equality and give voices to all in our respective industries. Opportunities to collaborate with such innovative and conscious societies gives us a unique ability to prioritise social missions and hopefully make impactful connections that event participants can benefit from throughout and beyond university.

“Planning this event alongside The Student, Se7en, and FemSoc has been an incredible experience, and we look forward to seeing what women across industries have to learn from each other.”

Zara added that edventure have collaborated with a number of organisations this year, and that they plan to do much more. “We have just finished our Artemis cohort with over 20 start-ups from all over Europe and have just launched our data-driven Venture Builder Incubator, in collaboration with University of Edinburgh and Herriot-Watt University. 

We also have some exciting events and publications coming up soon, with our next European cohort planned for September 2021. Keep an eye out for updates on our social media pages such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram too!” 

Find edventure on social media: 

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/edventure-capital 

Facebook: https://fb.me/e/21xIM4u7B 

Instagram: @edventurevc 

Twitter: @edventurevc

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By Emma Conn

Editor in Chief