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And Then There Were None

ByLauren Porter

Jan 13, 2016

What a three-parter! I mean, even if you have never read or heard about Agatha Christie – and if this is true then you are missing out – but if crime-themed TV is your thing, then this series is a must-watch. The BBC drama is based on the mystery novel And Then There Were None written by the crime queen herself, and is a tale of gruesome killings, unrequited love, horrendous misfortunes, and U.N. Owen.

Not to give too much away, the plot revolves around 10 people who have all been invited to Soldier Island for various reasons: job postings, seeing old friends, or parties. The first part of the drama sets the scene, letting us get to know the 10 characters, and in true Christie style they are all dramatically different: ranging from a judge, to a devoutly religious woman, to a maid. As the episode goes on we are told the real reason for them having been brought to the house. They are all suspected of – you guessed it – murder. People then start dropping like flies, in various gruesome ways.

The second part sees paranoia setting in. Who is the mystery person who invited them to this place? Is he the killer? Is one of them the killer? The plot thickens as more people die, and we learn more about the remaining few.

The final episode lets us into the secret of the murderer, but it is never as simple as you think.

This programme was the crème de la crème of Christmas TV in my opinion: beautifully filmed, with acclaimed actors and grisly murders. What more could you want after a long festive period with your nearest and dearest?

Image: Robert Couse-Baker

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