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Anderson .Paak takes a step back

ByPriya Basra

Nov 10, 2020

Rating: 2 out of 5.

2 stars

Anderson Paak’s latest single acts as funk-pop infused meta-commentary on his previous successes, which ultimately overshadow this new track.

Everything about the song is filled with bling and glitz, unfortunately in a way that moves us back to the era of Little Mix and tacky pop tunes. This is seen most notably in the title ‘ Jewelz’ matching with the shimmering album art. Immediately upon glancing at the cover and hearing the initial blast of jumpy guitar licks, laced with smooth synths, the song seems to exude promise. However as the rhythm creeps its way into the track is it clear to see the influence of Timbaland, Paak’s co-producer, an influence which wouldn’t have been missed. When comparing the tune to Paak’s previous accolades the song cowers by its own insignificance, especially when acting as the follow up from ‘Lockdown’ a powerful protest song about racial injustice following on from the BLM movement and death of George Floyd. This feeling of inferiority is heightened when hearing how the song’s sound is such a stark contrast from his 2020 Grammy Award for Best R&B Album, Ventura.

Perhaps Paak knows this, as he notes “I ain’t even played my latest greatest song” and outwardly asks “How’s it workin’ with Timbaland, and what’s he like?” One thing is for sure, Paak’s playful attitude and boastfulness are in full swing, leaving the question of whether it works or not? Well, with Anderson Paak, who knows.

Image: Justin de Nooijer via Flickr