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April Fools’ Day ideas: Will the joke be on you?

ByEmily Couchlin

Mar 29, 2017

April Fools’ is the one day of the year where immaturity requires no justification, allowing you to play to your 10-year-old self. Most will be familiar with the classic clingfilm on the toilet seat or the old tape over the TV remote sensor; however, here are some ideas of new ways to catch out friends and family.

Begin April Fools’ right by planting an alarm clock set to go off at 3am in your flatmate’s bedroom; their frantic confusion as they stumble around searching for the source of the noise will be worth the interrupted sleep. Alternatively, drive your course friends insane by turning their laptop’s desktop upside down; just right click, select “orientation” and change the setting to “landscape flipped”: simple yet hilariously effective. Or if you want to get really creative, you can replace the cream filling of an Oreo with toothpaste and serve it up to your guests.

The media has never shied away from the opportunity to prank the nation. April Fools’ of 1976 saw British astronomer Sir Patrick Moore pull a priceless trick on viewers. He spoke of a rare alignment of planets which would cause a reduction in the earth’s gravitational force. He professed that if you were to jump at the exact moment of 9.47am, then you would experience a sensation of floating. The BBC phoneline was flooded with calls from people saying the experiment had worked and they had experienced the feeling of floating. In 2008 the BBC cranked their pranks up a notch, releasing footage of a unique colony of penguins. As they released the video, featuring the penguins flying to South America for the winter, viewers gawked at the rare discovery.

Sadly, for us students, April 1 not only symbolises a fun filled day of spoofs and pranks, it also marks the start of exam stress. As the quest for a seat on the fourth floor of the library becomes a vicious Hunger Games-esque battle, there is one way you can lighten the gloomy atmosphere: attaching an airhorn to your chosen victim’s seat is bound to get a laugh, not to mention the wake up that many of us need as our days of study begin.

[image: Mooss via Pixabay]

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