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Arcade Fire

ByErika Talbot

Oct 4, 2014
image: http://media.npr.org/assets/img/2013/10/24/arcadefire2013_wide-6132bda16be9d8265e9d08fbc9a55f84c202af57-s6_wide-c064f9dc3f847ef86c1dc86ebbfd3cab3473d623.jpg

As the fourth single on the album Reflektor, you’d expect a tad more from the Canadian sextet. Is it absolutely terrible, utterly unbearable to listen to? Not necessarily; surely avid Arcade Fire fans will defend it to their graves. However, the track is wholly incomparable to their previous singles, such as “Ready To Start” and “We Used To Wait” from the monumental third album, The Suburbs. This song, and the band’s fourth album as a whole, lacks the music that listeners are used to: the kind that makes you want to plop down, listen, reflect, and repeat. “You Already Know” is a dance track, upbeat and repetitive for the dullest of listeners to comprehend- “When your love is right/When your love is right/You can’t sleep at night”. Perhaps you’ll hear this track at your local club’s discounted Indie Night; if not, you aren’t missing out on much.

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