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Ariana Grande – BreakFree

ByRobert Anderson

Oct 19, 2014

In crawling text inspired from Star Wars, a robotic voice informs that the next four minutes of high-pitched EDM/electropop is ‘one step ahead of present day reality and two steps ahead of present day sexiness’. In all honesty, we didn’t need much convincing after rockets began to fire from Grande’s breasts in the video.  However, ‘sexiness’ is all that’s being sold here, producing a poor man’s Katy Perry club anthem. Grande has a strong voice with an impressive soprano range, but ‘Break Free’ with its boring lyrics and pounding beat really only results in a massive headache. This is a stylistic departure for Grande, whose go-to genres are R&B and Hip Hop. It’s not that result is bad, it’s just not very unique and while probably becoming a massive hit in the clubs, will probably be vaguely remembered as that ‘fun’ but rather forgettable dance favourite.

By Robert Anderson


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