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Armie Hammer – a cannibal?

ByNiamh Cullen

Jan 30, 2021

Armand Douglas Hammer, also known by Armie, actor, both of the Winklevoss twins, and grandson of an oil tycoon; has been denounced as a cannibal. He has received backlash for his exposed alleged DMs with women where he expresses cannibalistic fantasies. All of this has come with a more concerned layer of criticism in the mistreatment of the women he was in contact with and the subsequent PTSD at least one of them had allegedly suffered, raising questions around the nature of fetishes and kinks – and kinkshaming – and the degree of abuse the women in these relationships with him have suffered. Needless to say, the internet leapt onto the most outrageous aspects of the DMs focusing on the cannibalism and have predictably enough conjured a good two day’s worth of timeline content out of it. 

It began with the owner of the instagram account House of Effie posted what appear to be DMs conversing with Hammer where he describes himself as “100% cannibal”, spurring a number of former partners of Hammer’s to come forward with their own experiences of being in a relationship with Hammer and his fantasies, posing the question of where boundaries have been crossed and constant within kink based relationships. You do not want to cast shame or judgement on a person’s private life, but the women coming forward are not depicting him in a positive or healthy light. In the wake of this, his “finsta” account was discovered displaying what can only be described as a midlife crisis and heavily drug-influenced antics of a newly divorced (or rather separated) man. On it, he showcases his hectic life of drug-taking and subsequent drug tests before being granted access to his children. This saga has been collectively distressing, not just for the women who allege abuse by Hammer but also how this demonstrates a man who seems to be spiralling into further chaos. 

It was also announced this week Call Me By Your Name director is reuniting with Armie’s co-star Timothee Chalamet for rumoured new film Bones & All centering around- ironically enough- cannibalism. I mean, we have to laugh. Hammer’s ex-wife Elizabeth Chamber’s has broken her silence by commenting on an instagram post discussing the irony of the film’s announcement with “No. Words.” managing to capture the universal reaction to this drama rather succinctly. Hammer on the other hand is facing a career grounding to a halt following these exposed DMs and allegations as his role in the upcoming J Lo film Shotgun Wedding has been recast. Hammer has yet to respond directly to the allegations, with his team seemingly opting for the “say nothing” response, probably hoping that this will all blow over. One thing’s for certain, I’m sure Hammer’s ex-wife Chambers and her divorce lawyer are having a better start to the year than Hammer’s team.

Image: Margaux05 via Wikimedia Commons