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10 Sports Quizzes to Avoid Boredom in Lockdown

Bored of the Belarusian Premier League? Longing for your next sport fix? Here are ten sports quizzes to try. It can never replace the real thing – what could? – but it’s a small pleasure to while away the hours of social distancing. There are many I could have included but here are a few. They’ve certainly kept me busy for a while.

Every Wisden Leading Cricketer since World War II

Earlier this year, Ben Stokes was announced as Wisden’s Leading Cricketer in the World for his heroics last summer. The premise for the list is the cricketer who would be unanimously selected first for a World XI based on the English summer. This quiz is a who’s who of famous cricketers. One for cricket fanatics.

Scottish Cup Winners

As a Hibs fan, the prospect of an Edinburgh derby semi-final was tantalising. The chance of finally hearing Sunshine on Leith after the embarrassing derby defeat before the season was suspended. The fixture may well eventually happen. But in the meantime, here is a quiz of the Scottish Cup winners. Who knew the first nine editions were won by just two clubs?

All Time Premier League Clubs

Since its inception at the start of the 1992-93 season, the Premier League has had forty-nine clubs. With six who have played in every edition and three who have appeared just once, naming some of these may seem more achievable than others.

American Football Checkered Badges

Think you know the Franchise logos? How about when two are combined in mind-boggling checkered form? 87% is the score to beat. (Here’s a tip – each question is made up of one ‘AFC’ team and one ‘NFC’ team, although if that means anything to you, you probably won’t struggle anyway).

Olympic Host Cities

A classic quiz brought out once every four years. The statistics show that only 1.1% of people have achieved full marks. A quiz which ranges from capital cities of well-known countries to an obscure town with 2,500 inhabitants in rural America which apparently hosted the Winter Olympics twice.

Masters Winners

One for the golf fans, this quiz tests winners of the Green Jacket since the tournament’s beginnings many moons ago. Even those without in-depth knowledge of Golf in the WW2 era will get the 1941 winner.

Men’s Grand Slam Champions Open Era

Since the Open Era began in the early 1970s, the four prestigious tournaments have been won by many famous players – with a few surprise victors along the way.

Women’s Grand Slam Champions Open Era

This quiz has the same format as the last but tests knowledge of the women’s game. Great Britain has not had a Women’s Grand Slam champion since Wimbledon 1977 – in that time no British player has even reached a final.

100 Fastest Men’s 100m times

The top 100 times have been run by athletes representing just five nations. Despite one man running 21 of these times, the average score is 58%.

Biggest Football Clubs by Revenue

The top 20 clubs by revenue include some of the biggest names in European competitions and a few which might surprise. Eight Premier League teams in these prove the amount of money in the English game.

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