The Student
by Zanny Jacobsen, 4/10/14

Former Sugababes member, Amelle Barrabah’s latest single, ‘Summertime’ is a bland ‘island’ ditty that despite being catchy, is sadly predictable in a manufactured Bruno Mars-y kind of way.  Its forced ‘summery’ lightness induced by echoing harmonies and plinking solo ukulele match the inane flower-crowned festival-goers that playfully throw paint and frolic in the fields in the accompanying music video.  What is more frustrating than the voluminous amounts of ‘lalalalalalas’ is that Barrabah’s powerful lungs has gone completely to waste.  She remains stuck in the same range for the song’s entirety, so that it becomes rather irritating and her honeyed soulful voice is lost among the wearisome sameness. The song with its borrowed Hawaiian-reggae style lacks the lyrical depth of performers like Iz and Kiani, and the musical ingenuity of Kolohe Kai but certainly not the vocal talent.