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Closet minimalism – it doesn’t have to be bland
by Ellie-Jo Johnstone, 6/02/20

Closets can be a very personal space. Yes, they store your clothes, bags and shoes, but also memories and parts of your personality. My closet consists of a mountain of clothes that consistently crumbles onto my floor every time I try to get dressed in the mornings. If you can relate, this article might help you.

Here’s the thing, minimalism in fashion is often falsely interpreted as monotonous and bland. But it can be so much more. Here are a few DIY and potentially exciting ways to incorporate the trend of minimalism in your life.

DIY capsule wardrobes: Capsule wardrobes have had their buzz in fashion. It involves streamlining your closet, with everyday essential items in strict numbers and working with only the selected few to build everyday outfits for a certain seasonal period. The trick is to have a 60:40 ratio of wardrobe basics to statement pieces. Maintaining a good mixture of colours, patterns, textures and silhouettes is crucial.


Condense in terms of what flatters you the most but also contributes to your character. To keep things playful, stretch your creativity and try to make the most of what you have got. The greatest challenge would be to resist the urge to shop and explore new ways to introduce variety. Jewelry and accessories like scarves (in moderation) can be a way to create some excitement.

Shop like your Grandma: Clean cuts and classic styles could be a start. Simple style is not boring but rather versatile. There is a certain charm to looking timeless and buying things with longevity in mind. Grandma’s always have the smallest wardrobe collection but still look distinctive and really look after their clothes. This could be a great method to be mindful
about the things you own and maybe incorporate sentimental value without hoarding.

Being authentic: Owning just a few things makes it easier to personalise your look and pick style over fashion. Finding your unique style and filtering things in and out of your wardrobe is as exciting as going shopping for new

The French Edit: The French are known for their classic minimalistic style. French women balance character and timeless trends perfectly. They also have an effortless approach to fashion. The secret behind this is investing time and thought into purchases. Buying things that you will keep in your closet forever and actually have it become a staple. Owning things that are of durable quality and almost attaching a part of your self to the item.

There is an appeal to the whole Marie Kondo concept of minimalism. Holding something and wondering what it brings to your life and your wardrobe, is important to consider. There is something freeing about not owning too many things.
Stuff can suffocate you. We all have sentimental memories attached to clothing, but there is a more intimate touch when your closet is a bit more ‘filtered’ and you take time to do choose your favourite pieces.

Mindful consumption is so very important in the age of fast fashion and fleeting trends. Trends can be altered and made to
revolve around your style rather than the other way round. Minimalism opens up new opportunities and promotes a healthier relationship with fashion as items mean something to you and are not just there to fill up some space.

I think we should all adopt a sense of minimalism into the more hectic parts of our lives – ending up a little bit like Ms. Rebecca Bloomwood as she pretends to speak Finnish, freezes her card in a block of ice and has her dad pull out a penny from behind your ear. Simplicity is bliss.

Image Credit: Peter Pallander via Flickr