The Student
Interpol share new single ‘Fine Mess’
by Harry Caine, 18/02/19

Interpol enjoy a reputation as a difficult band to nail down. They are undoubtedly one of the most influential American rock bands since the turn of the century, yet they don’t have the commercial success of contemporaries The Killers, Kings of Leon or The Strokes. One can certainly imagine them getting second billing at Glastonbury, but it’d be hard to see them on the Pyramid Stage.

Not that the three-piece from New York will care. ‘Fine Mess,’ released on the eve of touring their 2018 album Marauder, won’t make any new converts. No boundaries are pushed. No reinvention has taken place. This is an explosive showcase of a rock band which is highly aware of its potent formula: distorted vocals, relentless mid-register guitar riffs, anguished verses (“Well if the mood’s right, there’s some hype, some currency”) and sing-along choruses which reference the title. Michael Eavis, prove me wrong.

Image: User:Zppr via Wikimedia Commons