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Piff the Magic Dragon Review

Piff the Magic Dragon is in the middle of a North American tour and for some reason, he decided to book a short detour to Edinburgh for a few days. Who knows why, but there’s no reason to complain about getting the opportunity to see one of the most iconic acts in history. There’s no performer like Piff and no show like his, so sit down, have a snack, and enjoy watching him belittle the ten-year-old child sitting in front of you. 

As much a stand up comic as he is a magician, Piff swaggers on stage with ‘Mr Piffles, the World’s First Magic Performing Chihuahua’, in a baby harness. A quick aside, it should be noted Mr Piffles is in Las Vegas as he has no desire to return to Scotland and this is in fact Edinburgh Mr Piffles, a brave volunteer from the chihuahua cafe. He is accompanied by his assistant, Jade Simone, who most of the time feels less like an assistant and more like his accomplice as together they berate adults and children alike in the name of comedy, which, for the record, the audience eats up with joy.

Clever and witty, Piff’s Lucky Dragon Tour genuinely feels like it’s one step above anything else he’s done before. The dragon clearly picked up some new tricks, and his comedic timing is as on point as ever. His sketches work phenomenally as he improvises the set each night. One moment you’re laughing, the next you find yourself confounded by the feat he pulled off. A self-aware master of deception, Piff also plays with the audience members who might be familiar with his show, as he subverts expectations and previous acts of his. 

Extraordinary and brilliant, buy your Piff tickets the next time he comes near you. Piff’s show is genius, hilarious and surprising.

Piff the Magic Dragon

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Image: Piff the Magic Dragon