The Student
Podcast of the week: Off Menu

Looking for a podcast series to really get your teeth into? This one’s for the self-confessed foodies amongst us discussing life’s most debated questions like is sparkling water the champagne of waters? Do poppadoms trump bread? Is a cheese board an excusable option for pudding? Why not join in and tuck into the succulent slice of hilarity that is the Off Menu podcast.

Set in the magical dream restaurant with James Acaster as a genie waiter and Ed Gamble as maître de. These two culinarily enthused comedians are joined by a different well-seasoned guest each Wednesday where they choose their favourite starter, main course, dessert, side dish and drink (loopholes welcomed). Previous guests include Fleabag’s Sian Clifford, MP Jess Philips and Bake Off’s Selasi Gbormittah.

The dream restaurant transcends space and time; allowing all the guests to choose dishes from anywhere and made by anyone. However, should the guest mention a secret ingredient, they are immediately thrown out of the dream restaurant.

Already into its 3rd season, the delectable duo continues to serve up creative cuisines such as The Thick of Its Armando Iannucci and Joe Thomas from The Inbetweeners’ favourite foods proving to be nothing short of sensational.

If you’re looking for some wholesome chats about mouth-watering meals, then this is the place for you. Though be warned not every dish may be to everyone’s taste. I’m looking at you Joel Dommett and Greg “The demi-clock” Davies with your array of somewhat questionable sides and drinks.

My recommendation this week is a Christmas season throwback with Hugo Boss’ (a.k.a Joe Lycett) episode. His selection features a hefty dose of “honourable muncheons” as well as some prime chat that may or may not have led to me force my flatmates to listen to it after listening to it thrice myself.

So, book yourself into the dream restaurant on Spotify, Apple Podcasts or Acast for what promises to be an experience of some much-needed nourishment.

Illustration: Hazel Laing