The Student
Sculpting Beauty with the Easy Lift Chopstick Facial
by Bryony Smith, 18/05/20

Let’s be honest. Sometimes it’s hard not to want the sculpting, firming, plumping and lifting effect that the Kardashians don. But going under the knife, or having any kind of surgical treatment for that matter, just doesn’t quite make it seem worth it. Just a few weeks ago, I was gifted the Easy Lift Chopstick Facial by Crystal Clear. What arrived was packaged spa perfection. Complete in a clean white box, I instantly felt the relaxing sensualism of white towels, oils and lotions that every spa radiates.

The Facial provides the lift and firm without the need of needles – a win-win! Inside the box are two rollerball head wands, hyaluronic serum, two flat metal heads and a charger. Adding a little bit of serum inside the rollerball head, you then effortlessly follow the movements recommended by Crystal Clear. Although the wands are a little noisy, it’s easy use and vibrating pulses relaxingly massages your skin without feeling abrasive due to the smoothness of the serum. It’s important to use enough serum so that your skin doesn’t get caught by the vibrations of the rollerball – particularly essential when using the wand around your eyes on the lower setting.

Crystal Clear includes in the package certain movements for specific target zones: for puffy under eyes, simply switch to the flat head and let the coolness of the metal glide across your skin. For sculpting your jawline and cheek bones – a personal desire of mine – the two settings on the wand allow you to really firm and contract the muscles to show off the refined structures of your face. The company’s attention to various facial focal points that are individual to each buyer made for an informed and calm practise for a first-time user.

Being able to top-up your serum separately on the Crystal Clear website, the wands a lifetime purchase. Although the benefits of the Chopstick Facial are likely to be more obviously seen in an older complexion, having used it for a few weeks my jawline appears more defined and the skin under my eyes are less crinkled and sunken (the undergraduate lifestyle having taken its toll throughout the years) making for a  fresher and dewier complexion.

Lifestylers, influencers and bloggers lovingly preach about the importance of looking after our bodies, but what about our faces? Our faces are our first point of eye-contact, and yet most of the day we neglect to give it the attention that we do our bodies. The sonic vibrations of the Chopstick Facial contour and firm the skin that we absent-mindedly touch throughout the day. Giving the loving attention it deserves, the Chopstick Facial sculpts your face without any effort at all. Winding down after a long day, pop on some soothing music that all yogis enjoy and treat yourself to a facial massage (or perhaps even teach your partner how to earn some brownie points). Either way, who can ever say no to another way to practise self-love and a pamper?

Although on the pricier side of the budget, the Easy Lift Chopstick Facial is a perfect purchase if you have ever thought about surgical alterations. There’s no need to change your appearance when there are alternatives that enhance what you already have.


Image: Bryony Smith