The Student
Student friendly areas that aren’t Marchmont
by Charles Nurick, 5/04/17

Not Marchmont, eh? Are you sure? You could be great, you know. It’s all here in your head. And Marchmont will help you on the way to greatness, there’s no doubt about that. No? Well, if you’re sure…


It’s like Marchmont but a bit more adult. No, not in a sexy kind of way, but in an artisanal deli and boutique shop kind of way. Students here are generally slightly older, and the walk to uni is that little bit further. But if your heart is set on beautiful tenements then this is the place for you.


Newington gets a bad rep for being, well, a bit of a shite hole. But it really isn’t. Yes it might be slightly more battered around the edges than other parts of the city but that generally means things are slightly cheaper. Plus, you’ve got the benefits of numerous takeaways and 24-hour Scotmid on your way home from a night out. 

New Town:

I’ve heard that in New Town they eat caviar for breakfast, have a Jacuzzi in their bedrooms, and enjoy rooftop masquerade balls on a weekly basis. I may have been lied to, but flats on the ‘other’ side of town are generally delightful and with plenty of space. Just be ready for a long walk to campus in the morning. Or you could just Uber it.


You know those people that sit out on the top of shops on Lothian Road when it’s sunny? You could be those guys! Relatively cheap, Tollcross is often overlooked for being ‘too far away’ when in actuality it’s no further than Bruntsfield, and much closer to New Town. Viva la revolution!


If you’re willing to put on some hiking boots each morning just to get to class then Morningside is the place for you. It has charity shops galore and the finest Waitrose in the city. Living in Morningside makes everyone think that you have your shit together, when in actuality you were just too lazy to find something sooner.

Dalkeith Road:

A favourite of those who have to make the daily trek to Kings or Peffermill, saying you live on Dalkeith Road is a vague way of saying that you could live near Pollock or near Cameron Toll. It is a bloody long road in fairness.


Where the fuck is Gorgie?

The Royal Mile:

I’ve never met anyone who lives on the Royal Mile that actually seems happy with their flat but come on, I bet they’re just saying that so no one else catches on. It’s called the Royal Mile, how much more fancy can you get?!


This might be a bit of a stretch for some, but why not? Yes your parents will nag you about cleaning, your little brother is a prick, and you can never bring a one-night-stand home, but at least the fridge will always be full.

The Main Library:

Not only will you never run out of reading material before bed, but you’ll also have unlimited heating, internet, and coffee – once you befriend the staff. Pods are perfect for sleeping in, there are plentiful toilets, and you’ll always get the best seat on fourth floor before the morning rush. However, the premium location removes any excuse for lateness.

[image: Mr Pauly D via Flickr]