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“As diverse and dynamic as youth itself”: EU Footlights’ The Time of Our Lives review

Edinburgh University Footlights have set expectations high after their memorable performance of Chicago, and the EU Footlights Showchoir now presents The Time of Our Lives. This time, too, the performance is very dynamic as well as heartwarming.

The play demonstrates different phases that people go through when growing up in high school. Characters expose the audience to the various feelings that teenagers deal with, including hopelessness and hopefulness, love and hatred, confidence and self-doubt. In two hours, the cast transports the viewers through those early stages of our lives including trying to find ourselves, our places in the world, figuring out our sexualities, finding our purpose in life and our identities, learning how to express ourselves, and sometimes how to refrain from doing so.

Even though the themes presented in the play are sometimes very dramatic and sentimental, the cast does a great job keeping comedy alive throughout the performance. The draining issues that young people go through are tackled in a very entertaining manner. Overall, the audience sees a diverse story of growing up – heartwarming, dynamic, sentimental, sometimes harsh, and sometimes a lot of fun.

The play’s most noteworthy quality is how personal it is. While the audience hears many well-known songs, each cast member’s individual touch is present in all their performances. It is evident that what the viewers see is the result of hard work and creativity which the cast full-heartedly dedicates to this production.

Presenting the universal process of growing up in such an original way makes the play very consuming as well as easy to empathize with. As a member of the audience, it is hard not to get flashbacks from personal experiences of going through the first independent steps in life, all while being engrossed by the play itself. Overall, The Time of Our Lives is a very enjoyable play, and is as diverse and dynamic as youth itself.

The Time of Our Lives runs at Teviot Debating Hall between 5-7 March 2020.


Featured image credit: Andrew Perry