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ByHollie Swale

Feb 17, 2015
courtesy of the independent

From BBC4 comes a brand new satirical comedy: Asylum. It was created by Kayvan Novak – the man behind E4’s Phone Jacker – and stars Ben Miller as Daniel Hern, a whistleblower hated by America and offered solace by a fictional ‘El Rican’ embassy.

The show appears to be promising, perhaps similar in its politically satirical nature to The Thick of It. However, where Asylum falls short is in its comedic value. Hern’s sidekick Ludo, his ridiculously inept lawyer and a One Direction obsessed journalist, should have elicited a laugh or a smile from me in theory, but something in the comedy’s delivery just missed the mark. Whilst not awful, I would not watch it again in a hurry. Although, being only 30 minutes long, maybe Asylum will get better as the series progresses and, for lovers of satires, it could be well be worth a watch.


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