At home skin care that won’t break the bank

Nowadays it can seem like everyone is an expert when it comes to skincare, especially at home skincare. So, though I am only a skincare enthusiast and by no means an expert, all of these DIY skincare recipes and tips are from board-certified dermatologists. Oh, and they’re also all using ingredients that you likely have at home or can very easily (and cheaply!!) pick up at a grocery store or supermarket. So, if you’re already stressing about exams, take a moment to relax with these natural, DIY masks that can be used on a variety of different skin types!

For Dull Skin: I recommend an exfoliant which will remove the top layer of dead, dull skin, revealing a new, healthier layer. Just be sure not to over exfoliate!! Dermatologists recommend limiting exfoliating to 3 times a week and always make sure to follow up with a moisturiser.

One of my favourite recipes is this brown sugar and olive oil exfoliant. All you need to do is stir olive oil into however much brown sugar you want until the sugar is saturated, but not swimming in oil. To use, just rub the exfoliant in gentle circles and rinse off with a foaming cleanser. 

For Oily and Acne-Prone Skin: If you find your skin is oily and acne-prone lots of recipes will recommend DIYs with lemon juice, but most dermatologists recommend against this harsh treatment. So, if you’re looking to clear up acne and oil, steer away from acidic ingredients and instead check out these recipes!

To help with inflammation (acne!) try this turmeric and honey mask. Mix ½ teaspoon of turmeric and 1 tablespoon of honey and apply on all of your oiliest, most broken out spots. Leave on for 10-15 minutes and rinse!

For a super simple and soothing recipe, just use the same porridge you use for breakfast in your mask. Make up a bowl of oats cooked in water, let cool, and then apply to your face!

For Dry Skin: If you’re looking for a way to rehydrate your skin look no further than aloe vera. This is honestly, in my non-dermatologist opinion, a miracle product. You can either get aloe vera gel from the plant (though, you’d have to be pretty confident in your ability to not kill your houseplants) or buy the gel from a supermarket. You can use it on its own to rehydrate or check out this recipe for some added benefits. 

For a cooling, hydrating mask, try this cucumber and aloe vera mix. All you need to do is blend half of a cucumber until watery and then add two tablespoons of aloe. Leave this on for about 30 minutes or until dry. 

These at home skin remedies can save you breaking the bank on skin care products and are perfect for those last minute nights-in where you just want to pop on a mask and relax. Make sure to always wash your face before application and rinse thoroughly afterwards!

Illustration Credit: Paula Convery


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