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Athena Zhao Impressed by My Brother, My Brother and Me

ByAthena Zhao

Apr 5, 2017

Hosted by your oldest brother Justin McElroy, your middlest brother Travis McElroy and your sweet baby brother (Forbes 30 under 30 media luminary) Griffin McElroy, My Brother, My Brother, and Me is an advice podcast on the Maximum Fun podcast network. Each week, the brothers read aloud questions which are both listener-submitted and found on Yahoo! Answers. Like expert alchemists, they turn them into ‘wisdom.’

It’s important to note that the McElroy brothers are not experts (even if Travis claims he is a “sexpert”) and their advice should never be followed. However, the way they deliver their advice will embarrassingly make you laugh aloud in the gym as you run on the treadmill next to people who are in much better shape than you.

Raised by a radio host father, the McElroy brothers seem particularly comfortable with audio-only humour, creating their own recurring jingles, segments, goofs, and gags.

Justin oversees “Haunted Doll Watch,” a segment in which Justin finds haunted dolls on eBay and reviews them for their various standout features, like ‘kind auras’ and having a ‘mischievous soul.’

Griffin spearheads the search for ridiculous questions off of Yahoo! Answers so that the brothers can slowly peel back the layers of absurdity in questions like “what happens if one of the Ghostbusters dies and becomes a ghost?” “Is ‘cowabunga’ a cuss word?” “What to do if you’re 15 and have a bad case of boat envy, an affliction similar to penis envy but just about boats, jet skis, and other high-powered watercrafts?” While Travis has the least airtime, he saves his words for just the right moments and one-liners like his rare and niche combination Friday Night Lights and Yu-Gi-Oh! reference “Blue Eyes, White Dragon, can’t lose.”

When asked by a listener, “How can I convince my parents to get me a second horse?”, the brothers first advised a simple face-to-face discussion, but ultimately settled that the best and most fool-proof course of action would be to marry the original horse to the desired horse, thus creating a moral dilemma for the parents. If they were to refuse to buy the new horse, they would be splitting up husband and wife.

Quick witted, well-versed in all pop culture, and the beholders of a comedic rapport unique to a lifetime of having known each other, the brothers create hour long episodes that always leave you wanting more and maybe even an invite to their family dinner table.

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