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‘Toodle Pip, Ip’ – Din Edin, August – An Ode to the Odes

This is a tale of two Welsh bards with whom I spent my summer, one stuck in a folkloric past, and one whose folkloric present I was able to be a part of. Perhaps a tale of bardic Welshmen and a second year English Literature student has more place in Comedy,  yet this is a story […]

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Fringe 2022: The Marriage of Figaro Review

In a city where every available square meter has opened its doors to welcome the stage, it is comparatively rare to happen across a venue that isn’t a total eyesore, complete with a fair share of sticky floors and leaflets everywhere. Yet here I find myself, settling down to watch Opera Bohemia perform Mozart’s The […]

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Fringe 2022 : La Serva Padrona Review

A man with a fantastic moustache and an even more fantastic pair of blue dungarees takes the stage. Walking down Nicolson Street to get to the venue at peak Fringe queueing time, I had passed all manner of bizarre attire but this particular look surprised me. My first thought was this: ‘how would one go […]