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Roman Flügel – All the Right Noises

The fundamental duality of electronic music lies in the fact that while being crowd-orientated in nature, it still insists on being artistically expressive. A consequence of this is that higher-brow ‘IDM,’ or ‘Intelligent Dance Music,’ doesn’t always resemble House or Techno; the two seem almost antithetical to each other. It takes talented producers to reveal […]

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Pulse and Disorder with Dax J @ The Mash House, Edinburgh

14 October The Mash House, Edinburgh   With Dax J’s allegiance to techno music scarcely spanning back two years, (his debut solo EP Shades of Black hit the shelves in November 2015) it’s no surprise that his sets borrow heavily from his much longer-spanning musical background: London’s drum & bass sound that characterised the city’s […]