#TreesNotRefugees: Ecofascism, a new neo-nazi movement on the web

Content warning: hate speech against immigrants, antisemitism, racism.  Environmentalism is often viewed as an exclusively left-wing agenda. However, recently there has been a movement emerging on twitter that has demonstrated the rise of a very different voice for environmental activism. Brandishing tree-emojis and Nordic flags a new army of neo-nazi environmentalists have sprung onto the […]


BHM: uncovering the History of Edinburgh’s Black Alumni

To move away from the university’s eurocentric past, Edinburgh students have explored alumni from ethnically marginalised groups.  Focusing on  African and Caribbean students and their trajectories in the first instalment of the project, UncoverEd has brought to light several biographies of men and women attending classes in Edinburgh in the 19th and 20th centuries. Earlier […]