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‘The belly aches, the cheeks feel stretched, and the mind ponders’: Men With Coconuts Slamprov review

Slam poetry and improvised comedy both originate from rebellion, symbolising the neglect of structure for the sake of intuitive, artistic chaos. A collision of the two under the guise of ‘Slamprov’, then, is a delightful catastrophe. Cat Hepburn, Glasgow’s very own award-winning writer and spoken word poet, begins the performance, effortlessly executing the role of […]

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‘The audience is emotionally hauled on stage’ ‒ Things I Know to Be True review

The light is low, and the mood is mellow. The opening motions are slow, delicate, deliberate. It is a physicalised state of grace that the audience senses must come to an end. There are too many bodies, too many thoughts, for this tranquillity to continue. And, as expected, it doesn’t. Things I Know to Be […]