Farewell, Stan Lee

This week, the universe lost a superhero. Stan Lee, one of the founding figures of Marvel Comics, died at the age of 95 on 12 November, 2018. The characters that Lee and Jack Kirby created have weaved their way into our world in such a way that there is rarely a superhero movie not in the […]

Film Reviews

A Simple Favor

A Simple Favor is a fun, melodramatic little thriller that combines Hitchcockian cinematic tension with the drama of a Shonda Rhimes series. Slightly contrived with a dark humour, Paul Feig’s interpretation of Darcey Bell’s 2017 novel of the same name is bursting with drama, twists, and secrets deeper  than a lake in Michigan. It’s Gone […]


Sesame Street and Sexuality: A Debate On Bert And Ernie

The beloved children’s television show Sesame Street made headlines this week when writer Mark Saltzman revealed that the dynamic between fictional iconic roommates, Bert and Ernie, was based on his relationship with film editor Arnold Glassman. Saltzman, who joined the staff of Sesame Street in 1984, told Queerty that he based the characters’ rapport – Ernie […]