Film Reviews


Manifesto is a one woman show that is a visually delicious and epic sight for the audience to consume. Its dystopian and unfamiliar settings, often viewed in slow shots from high above, give the audience time to observe and absorb without becoming a voyeur. Grandiose, monumental scenes of derelict buildings suddenly cut to the intimate, […]


Their Finest

Their Finest is an elegant and animated story that follows the determination and resilience of one young woman searching for her independence in the face of constant barriers. With 1940s London providing the backdrop, it is a touching film. Catrin (Gemma Arteton) gets a job working as a writer, producing the women’s ‘slop’ (dialogue) for […]

Art Culture

The Collection Series: Works from a private photography collection & Alan Dimmick’s studio archive, 1977-2017

The Collection Series is a truly wonderful exploration and depiction of flawed but genuine human character.  There are scenes of beach holidays, parents pushing prams; old friends getting drunk together and off guard moments of affection between loved ones. Alan Dimmick, while originally self-taught, later went to technical college to improve his photographic skills. This […]