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How to defeat the distractions of the digital world

Today’s society is in constant turmoil over the impact of digital devices, social media and our often excessive use of them. Their use is unparalleled; they allow instant communication and new forms of creativity as well as constant entertainment. Parents, on the other hand, may tell us that our phones are the source of all […]

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Cultural appropriation at Halloween is unnecessary and offensive

Halloween is the perfect excuse to become someone else; a cheeky nurse, killer clown, or your favourite 90s TV character. It’s the time to have fun with fancy dress, to get creative, but there are boundaries. Cultural appropriation is a growing problem in modern society, and this scary ignorance becomes far more prominent at Halloween. […]

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American Assassin

Michael Cuesta’s American Assassin ticks all the boxes of a classic violent action/adventure movie. Dylan O’Brien stars as Mitch Rapp, a man hit by devastation, who vows to seek revenge upon a sect of radical Islamists. Upon colliding with the CIA, Rapp is recruited as a Black Ops agent in the fight to stop Islamic […]