• Fri. Sep 22nd, 2023

Dhruti Chakravarthi

Dhruti is the Editor in Chief, the Outreach Officer and former Features Editor of The Student newspaper. Dhruti is a student of Sustainable Development with Social Anthropology and is a recipient of the Edinburgh Award for Media, been shortlisted for the ‘Creating Change’, ‘Commitment to Sustainability’ and ‘Outstanding Global Citizenship’ awards at the Student Awards
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  • Deconstructing unconscious bias in the environmental crisis

Deconstructing unconscious bias in the environmental crisis

Let’s paint a picture. A person exits a zero-waste store holding a jute bag that reads the slogan ‘System Change not Climate Change’, in vibrant emerald green. Sporting a rather…

Liberation movements: Impressions of Identity and technological echo-chambers

Growing up in twenty-first India, a nation nursing the wounds of its harrowed colonial past, provides an insightful overview into how the wheels of liberation movements are carried across intergenerational…