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Vegan toolkit: a guideline for all new or curious vegans

Veganism is an increasingly popular lifestyle, with over 250,000 sign-ups to Veganuary in 2019. With so many reasons to give up eating meat, whether it be for the environment, animals, or your health, this upsurge in popularity is hardly surprising. However, as with any diet, there are certain things to consider when making this lifestyle […]


Zoella’s advent calendar takes advantages of loyal fans

YouTube star Zoe Sugg, also known as ‘Zoella’, has recently received widespread criticism in the press and on social media for releasing a £50 advent calendar that has only 12 doors and features an assortment of cheap gifts. Parents of Zoella’s younger fans are particularly enraged by this overpriced offering as part of the 27-year […]


Harry Potter themed bar set to arrive in Edinburgh in 2018

The wizarding world of Harry Potter has been connected with Edinburgh since its inception. Victoria Street has often been suggested as the inspiration for Diagon Alley, while JK Rowling is said to have written much of the series in The Elephant House on George IV Bridge. Now, this relationship is going to become even more […]