We must do more to shield victims of sexual abuse from the media

I don’t know which is worse: being groomed and molested by a man of significant power and influence, or being unfairly cast as a liar and seductress by the media while trying to claim justice? The recent case involving the England footballer Adam Johnson’s sexual abuse of a young fan has highlighted an enormous flaw in […]

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Diagnosing Dyspraxia: when clumsiness becomes a condition

By the time my driving instructor asked me to ‘pull the car over in a safe place’, I was crying. After months of lessons and three failed driving tests, he had finally had enough of me. Safely parked, I gulped and angrily swiped at my eyes as the instructor told me that he could no […]


When you’re a child of divorce, but you’ve already grown up

When you’re a fully-grown adult who (mostly) does your own laundry, the old platitudes regarding your parents’ divorce –  “it’s not your fault”, “your parents both love you very much” – can seem all the more hollow.  Unfortunately, with the number of divorces in the over-50 population having doubled since 1990, more and more young […]